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Multisensory Learning, Why It’s Important.

One approach stands in out education for its effectiveness in engaging learners of all ages. Multisensory learning. This teaching method harnesses the power of multiple senses to enhance the learning experience and deepen comprehension. We understand the significance of multisensory learning but do we know what it mean? Let's take a look at what it actually means and address some of the benefits attached to mulitsensory learning.

What is Multisensory Learning?

Multisensory learning involves the simultaneous activation of two or more senses during the learning process. By incorporating auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic elements, multisensory activities create multiple pathways for information to be processed and retained. This approach recognises that each learner has unique learning styles and preferences, and aims to accommodate for a whole host of individual learning styles.

Benefits of Multisensory Learning

There are many benefits of multisensory learning and extend across various areas of education:

Enhanced Engagement

By appealing to different senses, multisensory activities capture learners’ attention and keep them actively engaged in the learning process for longer.

Improved Retention

Research suggests that information presented through multiple sensory channels is more likely to be retained in long-term memory, leading to deeper learning and better recall.


Multisensory activities are inclusive by nature, offering opportunities for all learners to participate and succeed regardless of their individual learning styles or abilities.

Effective Remediation and Intervention

For learners with learning differences or challenges such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD, multisensory approaches have been shown to be particularly effective in promoting skill development and overcoming obstacles to learning that they may face or may have already faced in the past.

In today’s educational landscape, multisensory learning has emerged more than ever over recent years as a powerful tool for unlocking learning potential. By incorporating the principles of multisensory learning and providing innovative products that support this approach whilst understanding the wide range of differences in how children learn can be an exciting opportunity to get creative, making learning a more accessible, engaging, and enriching environment that really can suit all.

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