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Create Your Own Sunshine

It’s easy to get lost in a bunker of negatives when talking about honest parenthood but this shouldn’t be the case, there are lots and lots of positive moments/days to cherish. It’s true that there’s a smoke screen of perfect families plastered all over social media which can indeed make you feel like you’re failing in some way with your own family life. Let me tell you, you are not! Remember these posts are purely a captured moment in time. Behind the scenes and out of the viewfinder is most likely to be a sea of toys with washing piled high to the eyeballs but that’s not very Instagram-able now is it? So you don’t tend to see it! However, whilst I pledge to be open and honest about my parenting experience there are a ton of positives which most certainly outweigh the negatives, I think we should all take some time out to sit and write down what positives we have experienced in the last month or even just in the last week. We naturally and unintentionally discard good things that happen and dwell on the things that may have gone wrong sending us into a vortex of bad vibes and feelings of failure. I’m not speaking for everybody but, I think it’s a pretty common pattern with a lot of people, I know I’m the same so, this week I am taking on the challenge to recall those moments that made me laugh, smile or just made me feel good inside. Now more than ever we need to hold on tight to the little wins that happen each day and the little feel good moments we encounter. We've had almost a whole year of our worlds being flipped upside down and filled with uncertainly, it's about time we created our own sunshine!

Sarah xx

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