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Hi, I'm Sarah,

The creative mind behind Little Letterbox Learning. I was inspired by my son's love for hands-on learning, and during the pandemic of 2020 I created an action-based flashcard that focuses on the 'doing' side of learning. My background was in Hospitality and Human Resources, but since having children my passion for them took over and I became a stay at home mum. My heart and pride is poured into every element of the flashcard designs, it was a product I had created initially for my own children and they're my biggest inspiration for starting Little Letterbox Learning. With the changing learning needs of my son, it was important for me that the designs catered to all children and their needs too. My desire is that any young child can approach the activity without feelings of stress or pressure at learning something new, and I think we've achieved that!

The idea is, children play and have fun, subconsciously taking in the activity topic, making it a gentle step into their learning journey. Play in early years is an essential part of learning, the flashcard sets are adaptable for all kinds of different activities for this reason, 'hide and seek' or 'Letter Web' are just a couple of examples of activities I have on the website blog to help give you some inspiration.  

About Us: About Us

All our sets are gloss laminated so that children can also practice letter writing using a whiteboard pen, and I've included some fun facts on the smaller cards too. It was important for me to create a learning resource that was versatile, adaptable and inclusive to all. Little Letterbox Learning is centred around the two little people who mean the world to me and a mothers passion to encourage her children to experience on a positive start to their learning.

'My desire is that any young child can approach our activity sets without feelings of stress or pressure at learning something new.'


Thank you for stopping by to read our story, don't forget you can come and say hello over on  

I'm always around for a chat or any questions you may have. 

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