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Hi, I'm Sarah,

A mum of two children, living in Oxfordshire. 


My background is in retail management and Human Resources. I've always loved working with people, yet I've always had a real desire to one day run my own business too, often spending hours at a time wondering what that might look like. It wasn't until the global pandemic of 2020 when I delved into my creative side to help homeschool my children that I would find my 'light bulb moment'. As a mum of two during a time of crisis I struggled to create a healthy balance between being a parent and trying to support my children with preschool education, it wasn't easy! The juggle of cleaning up after planned activities and normal parenting tasks challenged me to the brink of despair some days, especially when an activity I spent time to plan and set out wasn't received as well as I'd hoped. I found myself getting creative with our own home schooling methods, as the saying goes 'actions speak louder than words' something that was true to life when teaching my children as 'doing' was far more effective than 'telling'. 

My children love to 'post' things, there's something really satisfying for a child to post things isn't there! They just love it! Seeing how much enjoyment the children gained from this simple action, made me wonder how I could incorporate it into a home learning activity. I created my idea on coloured card and I shared my activity on social media after seeing how much the children enjoyed it. I had lots of lovely messages saying how wonderful the idea was but the card set didn't last long and were soon torn and damaged from being used so often.

About Us: About Us

With such a positive response from social media, the joy I felt from seeing how much fun and how happy the children were using the activity set, along with a loving nudge by close friends and family, I set to work making them more durable, designing every aspect of the features and sourcing suppliers within the UK to bringing to life that passionate dream of starting a small business of my own, Little Letterbox Learning. I love everything about our flashcards, when I look at them I see my family and everything I strive to be for them. There really is a lot of love poured into the sets and I know you will love them just as much as we do. 

I've purposefully made the flashcards bright, colourful and cheerful. I found simpler flashcards lost my children's interest quickly and they never seemed to ask to play with them whereas, keeping them visually bright in colour, with fun illustrations and the added interactive element sparks their curiosity helping them to find their best way through learning with the superpower that is


Sarah x

Thank you for stopping by to read our story, don't forget you can come and say hi over on  

I'm always around for a chat or any questions you may have. 

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