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Space Flashcard Set

Space Flashcard Set

SKU: FC-SP-002

Embark on an interstellar journey with our Space Flashcard Set – a stellar addition to Little Letterbox Learning!

🚀 Discover the Cosmos:

Unveil the mysteries of the universe with our set of 36 captivating space-themed flashcards. From the fiery depths of the sun to the distant dwarf planets, each card is a gateway to astronomical wonders.

🌌 Interactive Learning:

Engage young minds with our innovative letterbox feature. The set includes 18 large flashcards featuring cosmic scenes, and 18 smaller cards to post through the letterbox on the large cards. It’s a hands-on approach that makes learning about space an adventure!

🪐 Celestial Lineup:

Explore the entire solar system, meet the fascinating dwarf planets, and journey to the moon. Our set features all the planets, x5 dwarf planets, the radiant sun, and iconic space elements like a space shuttle and an intrepid astronaut.

🔍 Educational Fun:

Designed for curious minds aged 3 and above, these flashcards blend education with excitement. Each card not only showcases vivid space imagery but also provides fascinating facts to fuel the curiosity of young astronomers.

🌠 Quality You Can Trust:

Crafted from durable materials, our flashcards are built to withstand the enthusiasm of little explorers. The large letterbox feature adds an extra layer of interactive joy to the learning experience.

✨ Ignite the Cosmic Curiosity:

Whether you’re a parent sparking curiosity at home or an educator guiding young minds in the classroom, our Space Flashcard Set is the perfect tool to ignite the cosmic curiosity within every child.

🛍️ Order Now and Let Learning Take Flight:

Bring the wonders of the universe to your child’s fingertips. Order your Space Flashcard Set today and watch as they embark on a journey to the stars, one flashcard at a time.

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