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Number Obstacle Course

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Not only are we going to be exercising our little peoples minds but we'll also be getting them to burn off some steam in the process, it's a win win situation!

There are 5 stages to the course, after a number is randomly picked they will then need to complete the obstacle course feeding that number into the different stages of the course as they go.

Find an area of the house that looks big enough to set up and start with place numbers from 1-10 on the floor written on bits of paper. Duplicate the numbers two or three times so you have a good amount of cards. These will become your stepping stones.

Next stage of the course is a picture of a star with the words 'star jumps'.

Third stage is to build a tunnel using chairs and a blanket. This is just for fun and helps to get the kids moving in a different way, burning off some energy.

Forth stage is to have a sheet of paper or a white board on the floor or taped to a wall so that they can write the number they are takincthrough the course with them.

Fifth and final stage is to post the number into the correct number letterbox card.

The course is great for building a strong foundation for recognition along with developing their understanding by doing the correct amount of star jumps. It also focuses on fine motor skills needed for the written aspect of the course, whether they are able to draw each number independently or whether they trace the numbers its all part of developing their knowledge and understanding.


So now the course is set you are ready to go. Get your little ones to pick a number at random from the number sets and only using that number step/jump their way over the number stepping stones. Star jump to the number they have picked, race through the tunnel to the whiteboard or paper, practice having a go at writing the number then finally post the number into the correct letterbox slot.

Now the weather's a bit drab it's the perfect time to have a bank of indoor activities stored to help entertain the kids and this one is definitely one to do!


Sarah xx

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