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Letter Web

Updated: Feb 11

I couldn't resist doing one more halloween inspired activity so here is the Letter Web we did together the other day. The idea is to save the letter flies caught in the spiders web. The slight panic to save all the letters created a lot of giggles in the house but don't worry, we managed to save them all before the spider ate them!

You will need:


White paper or felt

Pipe cleaners

Alphabet Letterbox Set

Step 1

This part involves a small amount of prep but I promise you it doesn't take long! Cut out some wing shapes from your paper or felt, they should look a bit like hearts with the bottom half cut off and attach them to your envelope cards using some Blu Tac.

Next we need to make our spider! Twist some pipe cleaners round into a ball shape and then wrap 4 more around the body and twist underneath to make the legs. I had a few craft balls left over in the bottom of a art box so I used that to wrap my pipe cleaners around to make the body but you don't need it.

Step 2

This is the bit that captures your children's attention because they usually haven't seen the first step being prepped. Grab some tape and stretch it from one side of a doorway to the other in different directions to effectively create a 'web'.

Step 3

Attach the letter 'flies' to the spiders web and place the spider in the web too.

Step 4

Ask your little ones to rescue a letter at a time and post it into the corresponding letterbox cards to keep them safe.

Step 5

Once all the letter flies have been saved add in another fun element to the activity. Scrunch up bits of paper or tissue and have fun throwing it at the spiders web to see if it sticks. You can get your little ones to predict whether their paper balls will stick or not. It's a great way to make extra use of the tape while it's set up and a great way to have a little bit of extra fun with the tiddlers.

Let me know if you have a go at this but most importantly, have FUN!

Sarah xx

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